In 1983 a group of parents had the foresight to work towards building an independent primary school in Kwekwe.

Land was obtained form Kwekwe Sports Club. From this, a quadrangle with eight modern classrooms was built, having been designed to suit the multipurpose needs of modern education, allowing for maximum pedagogical development. The facilities of Kwekwe Sports Club, namely the Hall and playing fields, were also made available to the school.

Ultimately the doors of Goldridge School were opened in January 1984 to welcome an initial enrolment of 184 pupils with seven teachers, including a teaching Headmaster. Over the years Goldridge has grown into a double streamed school with an average enrolment of three hundred pupils.

Two extra classroom blocks and a new administration building have been erected to accommodate the growth, along with the rapidly expanding library.

In most recent times Goldridge School expanded further with a Computer Centre, athletics field, astra turf cricket pitch and a modern hostel added to the landscape. The PTA helped in the construction of a larger school hall.

This small but dynamic school is situated in a quiet area opposite the Kwekwe Sports Club approximately 2km from the city centre. Its established grounds, supported by lush gardens, create a peaceful, soothing et innovative educational atmosphere which enhances the performance of teachers and pupils alike This compact unit is modern but without being unduly lavish or expensive so as to provide the community with affordable yet high quality service.