There is a hive of activity in the Goldridge Infants Department with a wide range of subjects offered – besides the basic subjects like Maths and English; pupils are also exposed to General Knowledge; Poetry and Drama as well as Music which they love. Not only that, some lessons are presented using E-Learning to bring learning alive!

In the first term, pupils take part in Athletics and fun ball games. They are also introduced to swimming right from Nursery so as to build confidence in the water. In the second term they take part in ball game activities in order to prepare them for the necessary skills for Hockey and tennis in later years. The third term takes them back to the swimming pool which they look forward to with great anticipation. There is also an Infants Play as well as Field Trips to destinations in and around Kwekwe. Do take a look at our school calendar to keep abreast of what’s happening i.e. our Readiness Test for Grade 1’s in September.

Our Grade 1 and 2 pupils have their very own playground area where they can interact freely in a safe cosy environment. Prospective parents would be glad that they’ve chosen Goldridge as their school of choice for their dear little ones. Simply contact the school office to find out when your child can join. Each Grade has two classes, comprising of between 20 – 25 pupils with children of mixed ability in each where qualified, dedicated staff, strive to “... lead children to responsible adulthood.”